Webinar Series 2019


Presentation aimed at developing research in Indonesia and beyond with some of the world’s foremost research experts

Monday 21st Oct

Advancing science in Indonesia:  Current global research practices

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Presentation for the Australian Law Librarian Association 
Thursday 10th Oct

Openness & equity in academic research: the changing ecosystem

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Presentation for the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes 
Tuesday 8th Oct

The state of OA:  The changing publishing landscape

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Webinar #3 
Thursday  30th May

Impacts, consequences and outcomes of open policies in Europe

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The past few years have been extremely active ones for all things ‘open’ in Europe. The UK OA mandates have changed the publishing landscape, resulting in several subscription experiments with varied success. Over the past couple of years the number of European countries which have held out on their Big Deal negotiations continues to rise, and there are many examples where negotiations have completely broken down. The impact of this on libraries and researchers is still being assessed. And of course Plan S looms large, prompting huge debate and discussion across the sector.   No-one is completely happy with Plan S but some players are more agitated than others. One of the outcomes has been a strong increase of interest in and signatories to DORA, and research culture itself is under scrutiny. The ‘post-truth’ political reality further emphasises the need for science to be above criticism, something being addressed by the UK Research Integrity Enquiry and the US Committee on Reproducibility and Replicability in Science. Meanwhile large academic publishers have seen the writing on the wall and are rapidly diversifying, resulting in a highly concentrated infrastructure market that threatens to shut down and monetise all aspects of the research process other than the final ‘open’ research output.

Join guest presenter, Scholarly Communication Consultant and former AOASG Executive Officer, Danny Kingsley for Webinar #3.


Danny Kingsley




Webinar #2 
Tuesday 9th April

The promising future of Preprints




Preprint servers provide some of the greatest Open Access success stories over the past 20 years.  They’ve emerged as a valuable tools for researchers in all areas of scholarly writing, especially in fast moving areas of endeavour. Preprints accelerate research communication and thereby academic discoveries. Preprints are a saviour to those in the Global South and other parts of the world where resources are limited.  Our guest presenter Benjamin Schwessinger is a biologist and at ARC Future Fellow at ANU.  His team is focusing on studying plant pathogenic fungi threatening Australia’s agriculture and iconic fauna. He’s an advocate for open and reproducible academic practices including the wide usage of Preprints. He has deposited more than ten preprints which have now all have been published in classic peer-reviewed journals. Benjamin will provide an overview of the role of preprints in scholarly communication and the many benefits they deliver.

Benjamin Schwessinger







Webinar #1
Friday 18th January 
5 years strong – AOASG Achievements and future plans



Martin Borchert

Chair of the AOASG Executive Committee Martin Borchert was our guest presenter in our first webinar of the year.  He took us through a comprehensive wrap up of the Group’s 2018 activities including our successful expansion from 11 members to 18.  The second part focused on priorities and challenges for open access advocacy in the next 12 months which prompted thoughtful questions and useful discussion.