ARC Open Access Policy: Compliance Advice

This advice for ARC’s Open Access policy has been developed in collaboration with the Australian Research Council (ARC), Australian Open Access Support Group (AOASG) and the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL). This advice should be used in conjunction with your university open access supported policies.


Who can I contact for more information?

Your library will be able to help you or direct you to the people within your organisation who manage the institutional repository.  Consult further information about the ARC’s decision to include an obligation to provide an open access copy of any articles emanating from research supported by ARC funding.

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Accepted Manuscript:  The version of an article which has been revised by the author to incorporate peer review suggestions, and which has been accepted by the journal for publication. In terms of content, this version is the same as the published version.  In terms of appearance, it may not be identical to the published version. This version is also known as the ‘Accepted Version’ or ‘Postprint’.

Published Version:  The reviewed and accepted manuscript with publisher contributed copy-editing, proof corrections, layout, and typesetting included. This version is also known as the ‘Version of Record’.

Submitted Manuscript:  The manuscript originally submitted by the author to a journal for peer review. This version does not include revisions made by the author as a result of peer review or the copy-editing, layout and typesetting contributed by the publisher. This version is also known as the ‘Submitted Manuscript Under Review’ or ‘Preprint’.

Addendum:  An addendum is a legal instrument which modifies the terms of any agreement or contract to which it is attached.  For example,  an addendum specifying that the authors is reserving certain rights (such as the right to place the Accepted Version of the work in a repository and make it open access 12 months after the publication date) could be attached to a publishing agreement which stated that the authors assigns all rights in the work to the publisher unconditionally.

Published 24 June 2014, Updated July 11 2016
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