Open access update June 2014

This blog is a short update of events and developments in open access to late June 2014. It includes: Open Access News, New open access policies – international, Reports & Research, Alternative ways to value journals and Events

Open Access News


New open access policies – international


Reports & Research

Learned Society attitudes towards Open Access – 20 May 2014

The report of this survey of 33 societies. Key findings: Societies overwhelmingly agree that Open Access will inevitably place some learned societies’ journals into financial jeopardy. By far the most significant challenge to societies relating to Open Access is seen as the ability to maintain revenues from existing publications. Half the societies felt there was a strong opportunity for increasing inter-disciplinary access to research information and for the acceleration of research impact. [And rather concerningly] The main way that societies keep up-to-date with OA Policy developments is by reading key industry information such as the Scholarly Kitchen.

Report on Knowledge Unlatched Pilot – May 2014

A preliminary report summarising results of the first KU pilot is now available for download. The report provides information about: the pilot’s objectives, how the collection was created and marketed, as well as key pilot outcomes, including how books were licenced, who signed up, and challenges for next rounds. A more detailed report is also being prepared and will be released in the next few months.

Alternative ways to value journals




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