Benefits of Open Access

Why open access [pdf, 118kb]

Writing on the benefits of Open Access

Readers Share Their Stories: Comments on Open Access Articles – MIT has been collecting since July 2012 stories from individuals who have been downloading papers from the MIT repository. A very powerful argument for the breadth of use of open access research.

BioMed Central’s video on the benefits of open access

Duke University Libraries’ page Benefits to open access

RCUK August 2012 blog on The benefits of Open Access 

SPARC Europe’s page on The benefits of open access

Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook’s page Benefits of Open Access for research dissemination

Houghton, J (2009) Open Access – What are the economic benefits? – A comparison of the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Denmark

Houghton, J and Sheehan, P (2009) Estimating the Potential Impacts of Open Access to Research Findings, Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol 39, No 1, March

Open Access increases citations

SPARC Europe maintains an overview page: The Open Access Citation Advantage – a follow on to the now discontinued Open Citation (OpCit) Project

Some specific papers are listed below:

[Bibliography] – Hitchcock, S (2012) The effect of open access and downloads (‘hits’) on citation impact: a bibliography of studies

[Bibliography] – Swan, A (2010) The Open Access citation advantage: Studies and results to date.

[Bibliography] – Wagner, A.B. (2010) Open Access Citation Advantage: An Annotated Bibliography

According to Hitchcock’s site – the top five most-cited papers, as measured by Google Scholar

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Also highly cited (100+ cites)

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