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20 September 2016 Author advocate champions Open Access at Queensland University of Technology Library and Office of Research Ethics and Integrity workshops.

31 August 2016 AOASG forms an ongoing affiliation and partnership with Creative Commons Australia

15 June 2014 Emeritus Professor Tom Cochrane (Patron of the AOASG) spoke on “Open Access” in the Ockham’s Razor program on Radio National

25 October 2013 Live Chat: “The future of open access publishing” – The Guardian, (Dr Danny Kingsley was one of the forum participants)

22 July 2013 “Danny Kingsley on the state of Open Access: Where are we, what still needs to be done?” by Richard Poynder, Open and Shut?

10 July 2013 “Diane Lester pursuing FoI bid to liberate research” by Andrew Trounson, The Australian

25 June 2013 “Open Access: Springer tightens rules on self-archiving” by Richard Poynder, Open and Shut?

17 June 2013 “Open Access: Emerald’s green starts to fade?” by Richard Poynder, Open and Shut?

26 March 2013 “Journal editorial board quits over open access principle” by Sunandah Creagh, The Conversation

29 January 2013  “World Wide Web Creator Sees Open Access Future for Academic Publishing” by Sunanda Creagh, The Conversation 

14 January 2013 Dr Danny Kingsley was interviewed for story on Aaron Swartz’s death, The Project (Channel 10)

14 January 2013 Dr Danny Kingsley was interviewed for “Aaron Swartz family blames US government for his death”  AM (ABC Radio)

Articles by AOASG members

11 December 2013 ‘A perspective on Open Access in Australia‘ by Danny Kingsley in ‘A global View of Open Access – Part 4’ on the Tony Hey on eScience blog

November 2013 ‘Open Access Publishing’, by Danny Kingsley in Chapter 4 of the Australian Innovation System Report 2013 

21 October 2013 “A Big Year – OA in Australia” by Danny Kingsley, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand

17 September 2013 “UK’s open access policies have global consequences” by Danny Kingsley, The Conversation UK

12 July 2013 “Busting the top five myths about open access” by Danny Kingsley The Conversation

15 January 2013  “What is open access and why should we care?” by Danny Kingsley, The Conversation

Press releases/Statements

14 January 2013 Statement “Australian Open Access Support Group applauds new ARC open access policy

22 October 2012 Statement “A new voice for Australian open access celebrates Open Access Week 2012