COVID-19 Resources

SARS-CoV-2  (Credit CDC, Unsplash)

Australia and New Zealand Resources

CAUL compilation of open resources
Links and information about new and events relating to COVID-19 in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Academies COVID-19 Expert Database
The COVID-19 Expert Database has been created to provide a mechanism for governments, the business sector, the research sector, and other decision-makers to easily access the expertise they need to inform their decision making.

Global Resources

Interactive charts on COVID-19
Our World in data has created interactive charts.

Open Source dashboard
Data scientists have created a dashboard using open source tools to track and visualize the spread of COVID19.

Tech Handbook
Coronavirus Tech Handbook – a crowd-sourced resource for technologists building things related to the Coronavirus outbreak.

24,000 Scholarly Papers: Open & mineable
The Allen Institute for AI, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, Microsoft, and the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health have produced this open, mineable set of 24,000 papers on COVID19.  It was requested by the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy which has now issued a call to action to the Nation’s artificial intelligence experts to develop new text and data mining techniques that can help the science community answer high-priority scientific questions related to COVID19.

Curated literature hub
LitCovid – a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about the COVID-19, providing a central access to 1500+ (and growing) relevant articles in PubMed.

Machine analysis of published research and commentary
COVID-19 Primer uses algorithms to discover trends in research papers and the conversations around them.

Preprints of papers related to the pandemic and the response to it
medRxiv and bioRxiv have combined their COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 preprints in one site.

arXiv has also collected relevant papers in one place

Evidence Aid collection
Curated list of resources Coronavirus (COVID-19): Evidence Collection

Pathogen tracking
Nextstrain – real time tracking of pathogen evolution.

Publishers providing eBooks
ProQuest has partnered with more than 100 publishers to support libraries in providing unlimited access to Ebook Central holdings for all patrons – at no extra charge.

National Emergency Library
The Internet Archive has announced a National Emergency Library to provide digitised books to Students and the Public.

Last updated 20 April 2020